Cable Organizer Clips Wire Winder Holder 25PK


Cable Organizer Clips Wire Winder Holder 25PK

Cable Organizer Clips Wire Winder Holder 25PK



Product Details

Keep Your Life Organized:

Neat cables management can greatly enhance the effectiveness, organization,
and safety of messy cables and wires found around desks, TVs, switchboards,
filing cabinets, computers, or mobile phones. Our cable management product
offers easy installation and can be conveniently installed anytime, anywhere. It finds wide applications in homes, offices, cars, and even outdoor environments where ambient light cables need to be managed.

Strong Adhesive & Durable:

Constructed from PA66 raw material with a fire rating of 94v-2, our wire clips are built solidly for long service life. They are further reinforced with 3M double-sided tape to ensure a strong adhesive quality. Not only are they durable, but also compact and space-saving, allowing for easy portability to any desired location.

Appearance Size:

Our wire organizer is designed with a small size of 0.55 * 0.55 * 0.37 inches, making it practical and aesthetically pleasing. It allows for easy loading and unloading of wires, ensuring a seamless experience while maintaining a tidy and organized appearance.

Small Tools, Great Effect:

Say goodbye to nails and drilling with our cable clips management solution. It effectively tidies up wires, network cables, and eliminates the hassle of tangled cables or wires. By keeping the room clean and tidy, it ensures a more pleasant and organized environment without compromising on functionality.

Multipurpose Wire Organizer:

Our cord organizer can be used on various surfaces such as walls, plastic, wood, glass, metal, or rubber, providing versatility in its applications. However, it is important to note that it is not suitable for use on dusty, rough, wet walls, or other damp surfaces. Maximum adhesive strength is achieved after 48 hours, and it is recommended to apply the product at a temperature range of 50-60 °F (10-26 °C).

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